Leis A Lurrighan

Track Nr. 13 auf Der Tod war da

On the ocean, ohe, waves in motion, oho
Not but clouds could we see o'er the blue sea below

Islay loomin', ohe, in the gloamin', oho
Our ship's compass set we and our lights we did show

Leis a Lurrighan, ohe, Leis a Lurrighan, oho
In the grey dark of evening o'er the waves let us go

Aros passing, ohe, was harrassing, oho
The proud belows to see high as masthead to flow

Captain hollers, ohe, to his fellows, oho
Those that courage would flee let him go down below

In the tempest, ohe, waves were crashing, oho
And the cry of the sea, as the cold winds did blow

Captain hollers, ohe, to his fellows, oho
Those that won't stay with me let them go down below

Länge: 2:46

Anhören:   30-sekündige Audiovorschau


Text: Traditional
Musik: Traditional


Gesang: Sebastian Bariwinek, Christian Reiter
Laute: Christian Reiter
Bodhrán: Sebastian Barwinek
Akkordion: Eva Borchers
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