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When I lived in old Ireland I often was told
That in America's fields grows corn of pure gold
I was driven by famine, oppressors and pain
And I said I'd go there and come back again

There, there and then back again
Go there make a fortune and return home again

I bid farewell to my true love so dear
And now I wish that she could be here
To embrace my sweet lass be it just for one day
Would wash all my sorrows and tears away

The journey was hard and the journey was long
The one thing that warmed me was a drink and a song
Hundreds did die as the coffin ship sailed
I still hear the voices of the remained ones that wailed

And when we arrived on America's shore
So many of us were forced to join the war
They promised us fortune and promised us fame
But it turned out to be a most cruel game

I lie in my own blood as I tell you this tale
I remember my people but their pictures go pale
I fought for a country that will ne'er be my own
And I died fighting and wish I stayed at home

There, there never to return

Länge: 4:34

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Text: Sebastian Barwinek
Musik: Sebastian Barwinek


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